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IVE YOUR DOG RELIEF! Stop your dog's suffering from dog allergies. Alleviate the constant skin itching, scratching, biting at paws, watery eyes, and rubbing on the carpet or furniture.
COMFORTABLE HAPPY PET! A perfect blend of herbs calms down allergy symptoms and provides the relief your dog needs. Give them a better quality of life.
EXTREMELY EASY TO USE! Tasty soft chews make it easy to give to your dog as a treat or even break apart over their food. Dogs love the bacon & chicken flavor so no need to force them to swallow pills or tablets.
NATURAL HERBAL INGREDIENTS! Steroid treatment and allergy medicines may actually suppress your dog's immune system while having side effects. Relieve your dog's allergies the natural way.
TRUSTED FOR ALL BREEDS! You can be confident with your purchase. Made in the USA with the highest quality standards. We only provide you with the best or your money back! Add to your cart to bring comfort to your dog now.

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